control app for the aquarium light matrix „theONE“


Agency melting elements gmbh

Award category 3.02 Apps / Software

The control app for the aquarium light matrix „theONE“ is an innovative symbiosis between design and functionality. On the basis of individual aquarium data an intelligent algorithm calculates ideal lighting profiles that resemble natural habitats. Thanks to the intuitive user interface the personal settings for each aquarium are saved quickly. Unique lighting profiles can also be manually created in an easy way. A realtime preview provides immediate visual feedback for the user. The sophisticated app design complements the lamp’s timeless aesthetics.

Die Steuerungs-App für die Aquarien-Lichtmatrix „theONE“ ist eine innovative Symbiose aus Design und Funktionalität. Eine intelligente Automatik berechnet auf Basis individueller Aquarien-Daten ideale Beleuchtungsprofile, die dem Licht natürlicher Lebensräume entsprechen. Die Ausgestaltung des eigenen Aquariums ist dank intuitivem User-Interface schnell gespeichert. Auch eigene Lichtprofile mit verschiedenen Farbzonen und individuelle Tagesprogramme sind einfach kreiert. Durch die Echtzeit-Vorschau erhält der Nutzer dabei ein direktes optisches Feedback. Das elegante App-Design spiegelt dabei die zeitlose Ästhetik der Leuchte selbst wieder.

Choose the light profile that suits your mood

The user can choose between a variety of predefined and individual light profiles. These profiles are presented in an appealing manner using atomspheric imagery.

Configure your aquarium with ease

Obtaining the perfect light for any aquarium is easy. The user can simply reproduce his individual aquarium design within the app. Based on this data, an intelligent algorithm calculates ideal lighting profiles that resemble natural habitats.

Set up your new lamp the easy way

A simple wizard guides the user step-by-step through the setup-process. The habitat, the size of the aquarium and other parameters can easily be adjusted with only a few clicks.

You're in control: Create individual light profiles

Personalized profiles can be created within minutes. After selecting a specific area of the lamp, the light color can easily be adapted to the user's personal taste. By switching on spotlights, particular decorational items in the aquarium can be highlighted.

Send rays of light to your fish - with a touch of your finger

The user can interact immediately with the lamp using Live Mode. Bring the aquarium to life with a dancing ray of light.

Compose your perfect day and lean back

It was never easier to enjoy a sunset at any possible moment. A day-night cycle can be created with a few clicks by assigning light profiles to specific times.


The app will be available at the launch of „theONE“ lamp in February 2016.